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We are happy to introduce our new Auto Sport Trailer, type AST-1, available in 2 models.

Following feedback from some of our customers we decided that there is demand for a smaller trailer than our current offering. The AST-1 is aimed at open top, smaller race cars and vintage and classic cars. Our design brief was simple. The AST-1 must be as good quality as the competition, it must be a higher specification than the competition and it must offer better value than the competition.
The chassis for the new AST-1 has been designed in conjunction with ALKO Limited. Using the latest CAD we have engineered a chassis that is strong, reliable and weight efficient. As with all ALKO products that we supply it is of the highest quality and has a warranty to reflect that.

Standard features:

  • Tilt Bed
  • 1600kg wireless electric winch
  • LED lighting system
  • Auto fold jockey wheel
  • 12 V battery with charging station
  • Highest quality ALKO axles and running gear
  • 4 ratchet straps with wheel loop
  • 13 hole connector (7-pole adapter included)
  • ALKO stability coupling
  • Fully galvanised ALKO commercial chassis
  • Aerodynamic shape


• Option package (spare wheel/gas assisted rear door/LED interior lighting) € 240.-
• 2200 kg upgrade electric winch with remote control      € 120,-
• 4 length tie rails with 8 tie down points   € 280,-
• Shock absorber for 100 km/h registration € 275.-
• Large storage room in floor € 225,-
• Hydraulic tilt bed upgrade € 450,-
• 4 Tyre rack with removable bars € 275,-
• 2 x front access hatches € 295,-
• Left service door             € 495,-
• Wheel Stop bar €   95,-
• Wifi rear camera € 100,-
• Coupling lock € 110,-

Prices starting from:

AST-1 4.2 m € 9.350,-
AST-1 4.5 m € 9.600,-

All prices are exclusive of VAT, including transport to Maasbree-NL.
Depending on the development of the Brexit, the prices quoted are exclusive of import duties.

AST-1, length 4.2 m:

• Overall length    : 5.6 m
• Overall width : 2.3 m
• Overall height                 : 2.3 m
• Bed length : 4.2 m
• Internal width : 1.9 m
• Internal height : 1.7 m
• Internal entry : 1.8 m
• Gross Weight  : 3000 kg
• Unladen weight :   800 kg
• Available payload : 2200 kg

AST-1, length 4.5 m:

• Overall length    : 5.9 m
• Overall width : 2.3 m
• Overall height                 : 2.3 m
• Bed length : 4.5 m
• Internal width : 1.9 m
• Internal height : 1.7 m
• Internal entry : 1.8 m
• Gross Weight  : 3000 kg
• Unladen weight :   900 kg
• Available payload : 2100 kg



Delivery time: 6-8-weeks

Warranty (All of our warranties exclude damage or failure due to wear and tear)

  • 5 year replacement/repair: Integrity of fiberglass body, Integrity of Chassis, Hinges, Handles, Tie down points..
  • 2 year replacement/repair: ALKO supplied components (to include Axles, Drawbar, Coupling, Hitch locks, & wheels), Aspöck supplied lighting looms, connectors and light units..
  • 12 month replacement/repair: Floor boards, ramp boards and locks

Terms of use;
There are no contracts to sign, once your trailer is paid for in full and you take delivery the warranty is valid. We ask that any warranty claim be notified to Roefs Trailers by email ( We will then issue instructions, for further investigation/fitting of the faulty components.
Roefs Trailers will have the final decision on whether a part is warrantable or due to wear & tear. Individual items are warranted against manufacturing defect. ALKO, Ermax and Aspöck parts are covered under their own warranty and are subject to their own terms and conditions. Roefs Trailers have no authority over this element of the warranty.

Roefs Trailers is the exclusive importer of all AST trailers for the Dutch, Belgium and German markets. We deliver all AST Trailers with the correct COC papers, so that safety is guaranteed.

Download brochure (pdf) click here

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